Stop What You’re Doing, And Watch This Video Of Excited Children Greeting Barack Obama

I miss Barack Obama.

He has such a warm personality, and little kids love him so much. It’s so touching – and under Trump’s presidency, refreshing – to see how happy people are when they see him.

That’s why I’m swooning at this video of middle schoolers screaming and cheering when they saw the former president at their DC-area Boys & Girls Club. According to the Today Show, Barack met with 50 middle school students from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, and the half hour meet-and-greet included an exchange of handshakes and smiles.

Look at how happy they are to see Mr. Obama Clause!

That’s so sweet.

This was the best news of the week. The icing on the cake was Obama’s Twitter photo that said,

There’s no better time than the holiday season to reach out and give back to our communities. Great to hear from young people at the Boys & Girls Club in DC today.

I know it’s cheesy that I got my life from such a simple message. But the Oval Office is on Planet Zero right now. I’ll take whatever good news that comes from anyone associated with the White House, and run with it.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama are well known for their interaction with little kids. Remember when the White House hosted a Halloween reception, and a group of little kids danced to Thriller for he and Michelle? They looked so proud of those kids.

Take a look at the video below.


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